Springtails are nature’s clean-up insects! In a terrarium they will eat mold and mildew – the scurge of all enclosed terrariums. They have been a game-changer for my own terrariums and now I add them to every enclosed terrarium I make.

This tub of springtails is bred at a South Australian micro-farm. Each tub of springtails is filled with clean, sterile coco-coir, which means you can transfer the coir into a terrarium with no fear of introducing contaminants. If you are wanting to achieve a bio-active terrarium, springtails are the perfect addition.

Springtails are recommended for enclosed or humid terrariums. They will not survive in a large open, or dry, desert-style terrarium.

Springtails are shipped in tubs as shown, with a healthy population of springtails. They are not harmed by shipping and can stay in their tubs indefinitely as long as they have a source of food. Each tub comes with a small bag of food so that you can keep your springtail population healthy for an extended period should you not be using them immediately.

Springtails can also be used as live food for frogs. Springtails are not a pest but as they are shipped in coco-coir, they cannot be sent to soil quarantine states including WA, TAS and NT.