Air Plant Seascape Terrarium


The Air Plant Seascape Terrarium brings a little bit of coastal serenity to your interior. One large air plant sits on white sand, surrounded by hand-picked shells and sponge-like preserved moss. The terrarium bowl is 15cm diameter. Its small size means it can sit just about anywhere and exude its zen; in your bathroom, on your office desk or the family coffee table.

The coastal feel of this terrarium and its muted colour range make it ideal for almost any interior. It is a unique house warming gift for anyone close to the coast (or who would like to be). Its calm feel makes it an easy care, long-lasting get well gift that will be far more interesting to look at than a bunch of flowers. The hardy nature of the air plant also makes this an excellent choice for a desktop garden or office thank you gift.

As a centerpiece the Air Plant SeaScape Terrarium is perfect for beach themed weddings and events.

Air plants are incredibly easy to look after. They require a spritz of water every couple of days to hydrate and a bright position out of full sun. The air plant you receive may not be the same as the one in the photo, however it will be beautiful and healthy and chosen from the best air plants currently in stock.

This terrarium is shipped in kit form with sand, shells and plants packed separately to ensure everything arrives safely at its destination, taking no more than a minute to put together. Simple air plant care instructions are included.

Your gift includes:

1 air plant

fish bowl terrarium 15cm diameter

assorted shells

preserved moss

care instructions and complimentary gift card


Unfortunately, as this product contains plants, it is unable to be shipped to Tasmania, Western Australia or Northern Territory due to quarantine restrictions.