Living Succulent Wreath


This product is made on order. Please allow up to three days for creation, depending on time of year.

This natural, willow wood wreath is one of a kind, but even better, it is alive! The succulents arranged and adorning each wreath are planted in a special growing medium in the wreath, which is then covered with hessian, keeping everything in place. No wreath is ever the same due to plant availability and seasons, but each is arranged beautifully. With simple care, these wreaths will continue to grow and look beautiful over weeks and months. A soak in water every one to two weeks, as well as a brightly lit place in which to hang is all the wreath needs to thrive.

This may be the perfect gift for Easter, Mother’s Day or Christmas – long lasting, eco-friendly, hand-made and beautiful. Or, for the person who has everything, the living succulent wreath is a sweet, unique gift guaranteed to please.

Beautiful hung on a door or wall, a living succulent wreath is deceptively hardy (enough to withstand a little forgetfulness) despite its pretty looks.

Each wreath is approximately 30cm diameter, adorned with living succulents and comes with simple care instructions and a complimentary gift card. Each is hand-made to order, so will be unique to you and its recipient. Please allow up to 3 days to make your wreath before pick up.