Opening mid June, date to be announced!

Botanista combines boutique teas, plants and flowers in a unique and beautiful shopping experience. Port Noarlunga, South Australia.

Botanista Leaf

Home to Fleurieu Gifts

The physical home of online store Fleurieu Gifts. Fleurieu Gifts creates beautiful alternatives to cut flowers using living plants. See, feel and choose from the Fleurieu Gifts’ products you love.

Botanista Leaf

Boutique Teas

We have sourced the best of South Australian teas from boutique companies  where the focus is on creating small batch teas hand blended with the best of local produce. Try instore and take home.

Botanista Leaf

Indoor and Outdoor Plants

A stunning range of indoor plants to choose from, including old faithfuls and hard to find plants. Succulents, terrarium plants and more.

Botanista Leaf

Gardening products

Products to make gardening beautiful as well as practical. Featuring brands such as Haws, Botanica Boutique, Burgon and Ball and more.

Opening hours

Tuesday – Friday

Saturday – Sunday

What’s on at Botanista.

Botanista is almost here! Opening our doors on 14 June, we are so excited to see our vision come to life. Workshops begin from the 15th of June. Details and…

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More than a store, we offer a range of workshops and unique services, like our very own terrarium bar and hospital.

Make your own beautiful creation from our terrarium bar. Choose from glass vessels of all shapes and sizes, add substrate plants and figures. If your terrarium is in need of rehab, we can make it better at our terrarium hospital.

All workshops are held in partnership with our sister site, Fleurieu Gifts. Details on upcoming workshops, costs and booking can be made at Fleurieu Gifts.

Feedback on our workshops

“The kokedama and macrame workshop on Friday was fantastic, I learned two new skills from two wonderful ladies…”