15cm Terrarium ready-made or kit

$49.00 $54.00

Build your terrarium at home, or pick it up ready made in store. This 15cm diameter terrarium comes with 3 plants, gravel, and preserved moss.

Important: if you are not picking up your completed terrarium in store, it will be shipped in kit form. Your kit will come complete with a 15cm diameter fish bowl and all the substrates (gravel, terrarium soil etc), plants and decorative moss and gravel. Kits are presented in a gift box, to be sent straight to you or a gift recipient.

Choose from a ready made 15cm diameter terrarium or have it shipped in kit form. Please note that plants always vary, but we aim to select a variety of heights and colours from our beautiful plant stock.

Please note that as this product contains soil and plants it cannot be sent to WA, NT or TAS and will be shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays due to containing live plants.