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It’s the start of a new year, so it will come as no surprise that goal setting and reflection has been BIG on the agenda. I’m going to let you in on my big goal for 2015 (actually there are a few big ones, but this is the one coming up first on the list). Because if I tell you, it keeps me honest and accountable and helps to ensure that I actually get to tick things off that long list.
Okay, so in March, I am getting married. Now that’s not the goal as such (although my fianc√© will disagree) but it is the inspiration for the goal. I love the gorgeous flowers and floral styling in the wedding magazines and blogs; I spend hours bookmarking photos of roses and poring over peonies – but the eco-bride in me wants something that will last. I want sustainable beauty. I want local. Fleurieu Gifts is all about providing flower alternatives with sustainable and living plants. What sort of business woman and enterprising eco-bride would I be if I did not seize this opportunity to design flower alternatives for weddings, starting with my own?
So this January and February I’ll be designing all sorts of sustainable accoutrements for myself – from the bouquet to the boutonniere, and the table centrepieces to the flower girl head-pieces and baskets. I’ll trial them myself, wear them and use them then perfect them. These new designs will form the first new products for the Fleurieu Gifts Wedding Line, for other like-minded eco-brides!
Over the coming months I will design and add new products in the Fleurieu Gifts online shops and later in the year I will officially launch the new line of Fleurieu Gifts Weddings. This makes me incredibly excited because not only will I be working on creating a new line of beautiful products, it means I get to share in one of the most treasured days in people’s lives. And I just know there are other eco-brides out there who can’t quite find exactly what they are looking for; who would like something that lasts well after the wedding day and is full of natural beauty.
In fact, just writing about it has me wishing this rain would go away so I can get out the shed and start playing around with plants. I’ll be documenting the trials and successes via instagram and would love to have you along for the journey as I strive to meet the needs of today’s eco-bride (and groom – sorry boys). If you have any ideas on what you’d like to see as a sustainable floral alternative, I’d love to hear from you!
Charlene x

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